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We are Studio by Fromental

Bringing the beauty and joy of hand-painted wallcoverings to your home, the creators of Fromental launch Studio by Fromental: an exciting range of wallpapers to help you create a bold design statement in your home.


Each design comes in a set of 3m high panels in widths of either 91.5cm or 110cm depending on the design. Minimum order: 4 panels.

Discover the Collection

“Beautifully Bold Wallpaper for All”

A lyrical scene of the flowers of the four seasons, Ogata is a vibrant celebration of nature. Inspired by Japanese artist Tawaraya Sotatsu, its ethereal sense of rhythm and pattern give this design a refined elegance. A stunning juxtaposition of abstracted leaves and ornately rendered peonies; Ogata is both energetic and gracious.


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A graphic interpretation of light silhouettes dancing through bamboo shoots, this enchanting design has a wonderful sense of movement. Simple yet versatile, Bamboo Lights strikes an abstract and minimalist pose.


Bamboo Lights

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Fabled to live for thousands of years, cranes are a symbol of good fortune and eternal youth. A modern take on the Rinpa School style, Flock is a captivating scene of majestic cranes elegantly dancing across the room. The dramatic landscape is created with contrasting pigment and metallic ink allowing for a bold backdrop to a wonderfully bold design.



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An architectural design inspired by the inlay-leather bookbinding of Georges Cretté, this arresting pattern recalls the modernist style, fine craftsmanship and use of rich materials of the era.

Deco Arches

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Abstract and decorative with a keen sense of naturalism, Edo Springs is a modern rendition of a classical Japanese screen. Delicately stylised flowers intertwine as they trail towards the sky.

Edo Springs

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In a nod to the decadent era of Deco, blocks of colour overlaid with pooled paints, applied at different intensities create a sumptuous velvety texture held together by a structural metallic outline with scalloped edges.


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Chrysanthemums are revered as the ultimate symbol of happiness. This graphic yet ornamental design has a rhythmic composition around a room.


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Add impact to the room with the Terrazzo Gold or Palladian Ash colourways, or create a serene space in the soft pastel tones of Tourmaline or Silver Birch. Bold and textural curvilinear forms are layered, with a fine graphic line.


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A minimalist chinoiserie in soft monochrome hues on dusty ground shades, lightly decorous with large peonies and birds, this understated pattern fills the walls with beauty and detail. 


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